Friday 1 March 2013


Fan art for Tweet RPG, Starfall Rebith. Comic cover.
It's a vote based RPG on twitter give it a try.
Starfall Rebirth is the live adventure... follow it here.

1) Rough pencil compositional scamps.
2) Digital composite with line corrections (I normally miss this stage out! = big mistake)

3) Final pencil line work (tracing over print out) 
4) Basic light source added on separate layer in photoshop.

5) Flat tonal values - I do this with  the lighting layer turned off.
6) Layer composite and effects added.

Lessons learned

Drawing compositions small is easier. Start small and blow up.

Spend more time on the rough composite stage getting perspective/details right (I didn't!)
Anything you not 100% happy with will haunt you.

Looking at tonal values (or colour) and light sources independently is easier. I rushed through these stages so lots of rough edges and I went for a simplistic single light source.

Further reading

Bum Rush the Titan

Concept work for Reynaldo MadriƱan's Blog. The great title inspired the artwork.

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