Thursday 19 December 2013


Dwarves, some interesting facts:
1) They're the descendants of great burrowing creatures long forgotten.
2) They can run as fast backwards as they can forwards.
3) The 1000 year Mine Wars was responsible for both technological advancement and catastrophic dwarven population loss.
4) Dwarven beards can be woven into a robust fabric-based armour (but is very itchy)
5) They can grind rocks to dust with just their teeth.
6) They are shortsighted, and so prefer ranged weapons that scatter/spray projectiles.
7) Their poor eyesight is compensated by superior hearing and smell but also by their whiskers, which provide a little understood additional sense. "I feel it in my whiskers"

Thursday 12 December 2013

Dol Athar - Development sketches

An eternal bitterness. The immortal poison of the heart.

Design notes for next iteration:

Still needs to be more decrepit! I am still quite close to the original visualisation of Dol Athar, needs more sinister overtones. Need to research the aging process, mummification, petrification and cryogenics! Liking the idea of a fragile/still body housing a dark and powerful mind but will need to ensure he is capable of expressing the range of emotions required from the script.

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Location concepts

Nestlebrook, an elfkin hamlet.
Where Featherfoot and Toothskin spend their youth, until the events at Gabbler's Ford.

Gazgarth, the Smog Metropolis.
Where elfkin become seduced by a dark path.
Yurruq, the City of Mages
Home to the necromancer Dol Athar, and where our elfkin's fate is decided. 


Design notes for next iteration:

Nestlebrook: Make the setting more visually interesting, look at terrace farming for inspiration. The hamlet's name suggests it could be tucked into a valley so terrace farming makes perfect sense.

Gazgarth: Keep feel distinctly medieval, try not to get sucked too deeply into the steam punk aesthetic. Have avoided classic bird-beak plague masks but might relent.

Yurruq: The more powerful the wizard the more their physical appearance will have been ravaged/altered by exposure to magical energy. So Dol Athar, a once mighty sorcerer, would be incredibly disfigured/distorted - revisit the initial design!