Thursday 31 October 2013


Bitemites glide from branch to branch where they extract tree sap from the veteran trees of the forbidden forest. When their storage pouches are full they return to the nest with their harvest.

The bitemite's needle-like fangs secrete an anticoagulant to help extract the thick tar-like sap of the indigenous forest trees. This chemical converts the sap into a sweet energy drink, a rare source of nutrition in an environment where most biomatter is toxic or carnivorous. An adventurer in need of sustenance would do well to snare a 'loaded' bitemite and feast on its nutritious cargo. But beware, these insectoids are never far from their kin who will attack en masse if their is a perceived threat to the colony.

Once a firm bite has been established the mite injects the anticoagulant into its prey, the tar sucking reflex then kicks in. A latched mite will jettison its body (thus killing it) to prevent any previously collected sap being contaminated. A swarm of bitemites can drain humanoid sized prey of blood in a matter seconds.

Other bitemite bi-products
1) Needle teeth used for climbing claws.
2) Anticoagulant applied to stabbing/cutting weapons to spur blood loss from inflicted wounds (a fave of the death blossom clan).
3) Sap-juice can possess other beneficial/unexpected properties, depending on the source tree.
4) Chitin skulls can be fashioned into attractive ashtrays, lampshades or codpieces.

Tuesday 29 October 2013


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Friday 11 October 2013

The halfmen thieves

Halfman is a derogatory term for a diminutive humanoid. This definition encompasses zwargs, dwarves, gnomes and goblinoids but most commonly refers to elfkin.

Attempts to integrate the elfkin community into human settlements are rarely successful. A lack of suitable employment opportunities is oft cited as the primary factor. Who wants a bartender that can't reach the bar, or a stable hand to short to fit a saddle? As a result disenfranchised elfkin have turned to unscrupulous professions involving thievery, deception, general skullduggery and the legal services.

Featherfoot (red cape) & Toothskin (green cape), once a notable elfkin 'espionage' team, now persue solo careers after experiencing 'irreconcilable differences' (no further details were recorded in the Thieves Guild press release). 

Featherfoot & Toothskin's relationship is complicated...

Thursday 3 October 2013

Dol Athar's Tower

Dol Athar's tower is located in Yurruq, the City of Mages. It is a sprawling but relatively sedate coastal metropolis, its skyline dominated by a multitude of crooked towers, the homes of wizards and necromancers who have retired to the city in their dotage, taking advantage of its warm climate and balmy sea breezes to ease the rheumatic pains and rattling lungs which are the curses of a magically-sustained existence.

Dol Athar’s retainers might look like fearsome zombies but by nature they are little more than harmless old codgers, glumly obsessed with the many infirmities of undeath (aching joints, muscular degeneration, irregular bowel movements etc) and keeping alive the nostalgic memory of their master’s earlier career. They have been around far too long to care much for the swashbuckling antics of thieves and heroes but they do like routine and will be peeved if anyone upsets the status quo within their tower.

Words: Lee Williams