Tuesday 29 January 2013

Gnome innovation: Infernium ray

Infernium is believed to be fossilized dragon fire, an extremely rare substance excavated from a time when the majestic beasts reigned supreme. Even tiny grains of infernium contain immense amounts of stored energy. Gnomes have learned to exploit this latent energy and have utilized it in a range of military applications. Infernium Mortars are roughly the size of a human wand and could, with some slight modification, be gainfully employed by dungeoneers.

Thursday 24 January 2013


Despite the visual similarities, gnomes are not related to dwarves - please take care not to address them as such, it's a quick way to initiate hostilities. In fact, gnomes are actually a highly evolved type of shroomanoid (an anthropomorphic sentient fungi).

Thursday 17 January 2013

Ogre Attack! - Survival Techniques

"What sight is more dread than the cavernous interior of an ogre's mouth? Ogres are born hungry. Their appetite can never be satiated. For them, life is a never ending quest for the next meal. Don't be that meal."
Wortimer Greatspear, Famed Dungeoneer & Publisher of the acclaimed Wisdom for the Witless guidebook series.

Thursday 10 January 2013

Dex - The many handed

Losing a hand would normally be a career ending event for some one of Dex's chosen profession.
He suffered the injury whilst on a job, but still managed to complete his mission and claim the handsome purse. Rather than endure premature retirement Dex spent his horde of ill gotten gains on an experimental set of prosthetic hands (of gnomish construction). In fact he spent, every GP he owned.

Although injury and death is to be expected in such a treacherous occupation, the most recent Thieves Guild Fatality Report is still rather miserable reading for its members. It states that thieves have a higher mortality rate than any other dungeon delver, and that those deaths are characteristically unpleasant.

Thursday 3 January 2013

Moss - Battle princess

Moss loves to combine her two favourite hobbies; fighting and fashion.

Here Moss has matched knee length boots and gloves, with a simple scale hauberk.  Elegantly accessorised with plate curiass, spaulders and tassets.

This fashionable battle princess proclaims nothing is more 'now' than freshly slaughtered goblinoid pelt. We agree, green is the new black.