Thursday 29 November 2012

Goblinoids - Death Blossom Clan

The Forbidden Forest is home to the infamous Death Blossom Clan. Only the most hardy goblinoid specimens can survive in the forest's treacherous environment. This process of natural selection insures that clan members are some of the most resilient and resourceful goblins found anywhere on the planet.

Routine hazards for forest dwellers include giant predatory insectoids, hallucinogenic spores, poison dart faeries and carnivorous mushrooms. To exist in this unforgiving habitat clan members have become highly skilled in tracking, hunting, toxicology and advanced flower arranging.

Thursday 22 November 2012

Learning from webcomics, motion comics & infinite canvas

Mysterious Path will be a hypercomic and therefore must confront two major design challenges. One will be to figure out how a reader will meaningfully interact with the game narrative, the second will be finding an interesting and appropriate way to present it's comic book format on the screen. This post regards the latter challenge.

Reading comics on digital platforms has been approached in various ways, which solutions will provide design insight for Mysterious Path?

The printed comic book format is not a natural fit for the computer screen. Pages are projected on to a medium they were not originally created for. As digital distribution and consumption of comics increases surely creative solutions and adaptations have been necessary to enhance the screen reading experience?

My research is certainly not exhaustive so please excuse omissions and generalisations (Let me know if you found any interesting stuff, like Marvel Infinite or Visual Novels)

Let's begin...

Thursday 15 November 2012


An ogre's cranium and mandible accounts for over 50% of its total skeletal mass. At its thickest the skull measures around 75cm, this does not leave much of an interior cavity for housing the brain, which is fortunate considering the size of an ogre's brain.

The incredible weight of the creatures bones make it virtually impossible for it to swim. They are therefore fearful of deep water and, as a result, extremely reluctant to take baths.

Thursday 8 November 2012

Magic: Thought bubbles

Thought Bubbles are the fruit of a magical process that facilitates the transference of information from one mind to another.

Thought Bubbles are knowledge manifest. Extracted from the host brain through the nearest orifice, they are then orally ingested (to absorb the knowledge) or popped (to destroy it). Thoughts can be implanted, secrets distilled, memories eradicated.

Typical uses:
1) To learn arcane knowledge from a rival wizard.
2) To make a loyal retainer out of a powerful foe.
3) To remove the memory of last night liaison with a less than comely bar wench.

Friday 2 November 2012

Who will play Mysterious Path?

When formulating a product strategy 'Who is your audience?' is one of the key questions you need to ask, but when it's a personal project... it's just not a factor (after all YOU are the audience!) If, however, you have aspirations to gain a large readership you really should consider it carefully. In the case of interactive fiction knowing your audience will influence the stories you tell, the interactions you design and the aesthetic you follow.
Which art style is right? If I understood my target audience it would inform everything from character design to plot & game mechanics.