Monday 29 October 2012

Death Jelly

Death Jelly is most likely the creation of the last wizards, designed to patrol their tombs and guard their secrets. They also provide the function of dungeon cleaning, keeping flagstones free from dirt and grime whilst emitting an agreeable lemony aroma.

Death Jelly is known to come in two varieties:

Green Jelly 
Green jelly is a highly corrosive substance. If caught inside the jelly, organic matter is slowly digested. Non-organic material is excreted, albeit a with a nice smear-free shine.

Pink Jelly
Pink jelly is mostly harmless and tastes of strawberry, a favourite at goblin birthday parties.

Goblin nursery rhyme

Wib-wobble, wib-wobble
green jelly comes slithering by

Wib-wobble, wib-wobble
kiss your hide goodbye.

Wib-wobble, wib-wobble
pink jelly comes slithering by

Wib-wobble, wib-wobble
tasty as man flesh pie.


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