Thursday, 19 December 2013


Dwarves, some interesting facts:
1) They're the descendants of great burrowing creatures long forgotten.
2) They can run as fast backwards as they can forwards.
3) The 1000 year Mine Wars was responsible for both technological advancement and catastrophic dwarven population loss.
4) Dwarven beards can be woven into a robust fabric-based armour (but is very itchy)
5) They can grind rocks to dust with just their teeth.
6) They are shortsighted, and so prefer ranged weapons that scatter/spray projectiles.
7) Their poor eyesight is compensated by superior hearing and smell but also by their whiskers, which provide a little understood additional sense. "I feel it in my whiskers"

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What is this Mysterious Path?
Mysterious Path is half comic, half 8bit RPG, half choose-you-own-adventure. Mysterious Path will be an interactive experience playable on your phone, tablet or desktop... eventually. Imagined by the one man army that is Grey Wizard (and some occasionally helpful retainers)

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