Wednesday 12 September 2012

First prototype nearing completion

I have nearly completed my first prototype of Mysterious Path (an interactive comic) and it will soon be available for you to play (it's in need of some final tweaks to make it acceptable for use).

It's been every informative process - flushing out all sorts of issues around my process, my skills & how the thing should actually work.

My process so far
Expectation setting! This iteration...
1) ... is not necessarily representative of the final story/characters (I'm thinking of it as test content)
2) ... contains only rough sketches/visualisations not final artwork (I will be looking at visual design and art direction as a separate process)
3) ... contains no interactivity beyond choosing your path. So no game elements yet (there are stubs for fights and skill tests but these will be developed later).
4) ... is only a rather short segment of around 30 strips.
5) ... BUT will give you a rather crude approximation of what the final experience might be like.

More soon

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