Wednesday 15 August 2012

Twine - A useful tool for interactive narrative

Just discovered Twine by Chris Klimas (yes it's been out there a while!)

It's a free tool for writing interactive narrative with a shallow learning curve and wysiwyg interface.

It doesn't help with the 'comic' presentation or the game elements but has enabled me to actually start something instead of planning and theorising.

Here's the map of my first test sequence.

It's not exactly Firetop Mountain!

Next steps
Flesh out the text events - Where I think about the information and mood each scene contains.
Sketch out the sequences - Where I start to think about visual story telling and panel sequence.
Colour and ink artwork - Where I refine the character design, environment art and camera angles.

At the end of this I will have sense of what the final experience might be like, developed the aesthetic, learned a bit about interactive story telling and have a better understanding of production time (from which I can extrapolate how long a full comic might take to make)

I aim to publish these steps so you can see progression.

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