Thursday 13 December 2012


Gnomish is a complex language with a rune based script.

Gnomish has the largest vocabulary of any tongue, with the official dictionary comprising of 800 volumes. The tomes contain over 200 words to describe 'conical hats', and nearly a complete volume is dedicated to variations of the word 'beard'.

It is this level of precision within the language, along with the gnome's inventive nature, that has enabled gnome science to progress beyond that of most other sentient races (excelling at deceptology, mushrology).

For non-gnomes, the written language is notoriously difficult to decipher with thousands of similar looking glyphs to learn. "It's (all) Gnome to me" has become an idiom expressing that something is not understandable.

Nothing better illustrates the complexity of the language than gnomish trap assembly instructions. Dungeon master tip: When purchasing a Terror gnome trap, pay the extra for the installation service and save yourself months of aggravation.

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