Saturday 11 August 2012

The size of it

Initiated as a personal project I have just been having fun with the idea of an interactive comic and the creation of the Mysterious Path game world (which is still currently all still stuck in my sketchbooks). But the designer in me is feeling the need to define the problem I am trying to solve!

Like every good dungeoneer I've made a map. This (incomplete) map shows the key components identified so far:

1) The comic reader
2) The battle engine
3) Mini games & skills tests
4) Game maps
5) Character stats and inventory
6) Object & spell management
7) Hygene stuff (settings, home screen etc...)

I'll post in more detail about some of these elements later.

I'm getting carried away... and it's growing fast. No doubt I will need to reduce this 'wish list' for a prototype or minimum viable product.

Note to self: I will also need to consider an interface for content production. If I am to tell graphically rich, interactive stories I am going to need some impressive tools to make it as painless as possible.

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