Tuesday 3 December 2013

Location concepts

Nestlebrook, an elfkin hamlet.
Where Featherfoot and Toothskin spend their youth, until the events at Gabbler's Ford.

Gazgarth, the Smog Metropolis.
Where elfkin become seduced by a dark path.
Yurruq, the City of Mages
Home to the necromancer Dol Athar, and where our elfkin's fate is decided. 


Design notes for next iteration:

Nestlebrook: Make the setting more visually interesting, look at terrace farming for inspiration. The hamlet's name suggests it could be tucked into a valley so terrace farming makes perfect sense.

Gazgarth: Keep feel distinctly medieval, try not to get sucked too deeply into the steam punk aesthetic. Have avoided classic bird-beak plague masks but might relent.

Yurruq: The more powerful the wizard the more their physical appearance will have been ravaged/altered by exposure to magical energy. So Dol Athar, a once mighty sorcerer, would be incredibly disfigured/distorted - revisit the initial design!

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What is this Mysterious Path?
Mysterious Path is half comic, half 8bit RPG, half choose-you-own-adventure. Mysterious Path will be an interactive experience playable on your phone, tablet or desktop... eventually. Imagined by the one man army that is Grey Wizard (and some occasionally helpful retainers)

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