Friday 11 October 2013

The halfmen thieves

Halfman is a derogatory term for a diminutive humanoid. This definition encompasses zwargs, dwarves, gnomes and goblinoids but most commonly refers to elfkin.

Attempts to integrate the elfkin community into human settlements are rarely successful. A lack of suitable employment opportunities is oft cited as the primary factor. Who wants a bartender that can't reach the bar, or a stable hand to short to fit a saddle? As a result disenfranchised elfkin have turned to unscrupulous professions involving thievery, deception, general skullduggery and the legal services.

Featherfoot (red cape) & Toothskin (green cape), once a notable elfkin 'espionage' team, now persue solo careers after experiencing 'irreconcilable differences' (no further details were recorded in the Thieves Guild press release). 

Featherfoot & Toothskin's relationship is complicated...

Further reading

Dex - The many handed

Losing a hand would normally be a career ending event for some one of Dex's chosen profession. He suffered the injury whilst on a job, but still managed to complete his mission and claim the handsome purse.

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