Thursday 9 May 2013

Gnome innovation: Gnombotics

Gnombotics is the shroomanoid design and manufacture of automatons and prosthetic body parts. Once the preserve of the rich and powerful, the technology is now priced more attractively for a broader market.

The question now is... have humble hirelings had their day? Gnombotics promises to make grumbling, greedy retainers a thing of the past. Automatons (or gnombots) need no rations and certainly won't engage in unpleasant pay disputes. A gnombot will diligently carry out their duties forever. Some have been spotted patrolling and maintaining ancient dungeons, still serving masters long since dead with relentless dedication.

The Retainers Union is not happy with the current situation and are trying to impose a ban on these 'soulless' abominations. Narcolep of Dreams, in defense of the gnombotics industry, has welcomed the innovation claiming they would be an improvement over his decaying zombie minions (and particularly likes the idea of a manufacturers warranty). How long will it be before the faces of the friendly bar staff at your local tavern are replaced?

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